Back Of Store Collections

Card, Plastics & Mixed Recylables

Achieved / Exceeded all KPIs

Emergency collection and delivery operation for a nationwide retailer.

When a waste management company has an SLA to adhere to, an efficient operation is essential. As such, the waste distribution partner they choose is vital as very often they need to deal with incumbent suppliers as well as any short falls left half done.

Being called in to support a contract for a nation-wide high street retailer, we needed to ensure not only to design & deliver a fast and efficient service for the disposal of waste, we also needed to ensure a swift clearing of the back-log of waste. We managed to clear this within a week.

We work as an extension of your business. If the client has an SLA, so do we.

SLA Description Target Actual Status
Collections on time 100% 100% Achieved
Same day delivery into recycling centres 98% 100% Exceeded
Completion of WTNs 100% 100% Achieved
Service complaints 0.02% 0.00% Exceeded
Stores cleared on 1st visit 99% 99% Achieved
Uncollected waste cleared by PM next day 99% 100% Exceeded

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